Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Photoshop retouching images (9) to remove the object

Remove object

Using Adobe Photoshop you can remove a photo from the unwanted object. You can use the rubber stamp tool to wipe unwanted objects or areas you do not need coverage. Now we come to remove the image near the center of a boat, and colored water waves.

1. Select zoom tool (zoom tool); and then click the boat to enlarge image that part of the region.
2. Select File> Preferences> Display & Cursors. In the Painting Cursors box, click the Brush Size, and then click OK OK.
3. Double-click the rubber stamp tool in the toolbox (), to ensure that the rubber stamp options palette Aligned option is not selected.
4. The rubber stamp tool to gather in large Gondola and its surface on the right post, then hold down the Alt key and click to sample or copy that part of the image. Make sure you want to sample the region you want to remove the object with a good mixing environment.

Click to drag the image to spray the image sampling

5. Drag the rubber stamp tool and sample the wave with the image we just copied and spraying the boat. When you spray, please pay attention to follow the cursor crosshairs, which represents the rubber stamp tool to copy the center of the time.
6. Double-click the hand tool in the toolbox to place a good image on the screen.
7. Select File> Save, save the file.

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