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Do for others to do the wedding dress carriers should be out of the "influence" the edge

Come from the traditional economic, we entered a new economic era. Becoming more efficient and convenient information exchange, while the mass of information it allows users to exchange became confused, became confused: the most valuable information the user wants to put before him, looking relieved of the trouble, the user willing to accept ready-made things for entertainment, work, and contacts.

Currently, there are few people in the information the choice of profession, and they also know this perfectly well, most people use "information inert" the spread of information. So the emergence of the "eyeballs" concept, in which direction to attract the eye to it, nature is influential in the direction of what we call the influence of the crowd, then, inadvertently, we enter the era of influence.

Impact of the telecommunications industry need to make the event

Needless to say, we have to live in an era of influence. Watch sports, Liu Xiang, the Athens Olympic Games to become the influential people in shaping. See the business community, Hoogewerf played all kinds of charts in China. See the entertainment industry, the 2005 "Super Girls" can be said to influence events on behalf of, Hunan Satellite TV had a strong influence on marketing, making us who do not easily affect the "numb" elements also in the final of the night to find that TV to watch the battle . See the Internet sector, the impact of the Internet in 2006 the event was Sina's "celebrity blog", in Sina's promotion and planning, the beauty director Xu Jinglei's blog has become the most number of blog hits the world, attracted many people to open up Bo.

All of these eventually and economic coated with a "relative": Liu Xiangcheng spokesperson for several products; Hoogewerf's list as many businesses and business leaders present the pursuit of goals; "Super Girl" was the proper interests of the whole activities as appropriate and access to the benefits plan; Sina's "celebrity blog" click-through rates for the Sina made a significant contribution to the advertising effect and the Sina shares have been more improved.

Unfortunately, as a platform to create impact in the telecommunications industry there's no concern of the impact of events, not to mention through the influence to create their own interest. At best, the telecommunications industry endorsement by the image of Yao Ming has done publicity for the "Super Girl" was provided with a voting tool, as a "celebrity blog" provides access to means. Only to influence events in other industries provide the basis for the tool. Therefore, the industry needs to think: not only the telecommunications industry for other industries to create a tool for influence, impact should be to create a platform, in this platform, the telecom industry to become the dominant influence.

Influential platform needs careful planning

In fact, the telecommunications industry has not given up efforts to form a platform for influence. CRBT mobile operators is a prototype of influence, but operators are not clearly aware of their influence has reached the edge of creation.

Mobile operator has a large base of users, while the number of users using CRBT also nearly billions of dollars, in 2005 China Mobile's RBT only fee income on business functions to more than 30 billion, which is a considerable figure, a Let people jealous of digital music.

However, operators seem to meet this situation, only the network to provide services, subscription services, operators charge operating expenses. However, operators did not quite clear, user subscription of its business, the reasons for the use of its ring tones and sticks approach the user. Currently, these are problems to be solved operators, which are solutions to the problem is simple: use influence the use of operator resources to create a monopoly influence.

Operators can use their strengths CRBT, exclusive to create an influential groups, the influential group began in ringtones, and eventually infiltrate to other areas. If the operator overnight, all users are set into a ring back tone never heard of the singer's songs, it is conceivable, perhaps the singer than the "Super Girl" to get more attention. Of course, the further need for more careful planning.

Fifth play the role of media

Influence of the times we live in, also live in the era of popular mobile services.

China Mobile CEO Wang has proposed moving two points of concern for future development: The first portable cell phone popularity, the second is the media of mobile phone.

In terms of number of users or from the user perspective the use of mobile phones have infiltrated into our lives. Gradual diversification of the functions of mobile phones: cell phones instead of the watch; phones instead of radios and players; phone will gradually replace the digital camera, people will not consciously use the phone to record some moments; the future, mobile phones will be replaced by something more operations suppliers need to consider is that by planning some of the impact of its forces, will the application of the new platform into their own of being, Wei contribute to their income.

The phone's media features make the handset a user the most direct and rapid information access carriers. By phone, we can introduce new songs to the user, the user can be added to the interactive discussions to form a communication ring own. These are our operators to pay attention to things, on the phone what kind of media to convey information operators can control and use.

Of course, the impact of telecommunication development is not all, but the direction of development of telecommunications. Since we live in the era of influence, we must consider the impact on the role of telecommunications development, to consider how to influence the telecommunications industry to promote other development, this is a long and arduous task.

Links: China Mobile international roaming across the board help out World Cup

With the advent of passion in June, the World Cup start. In order to help users to understand, participate and share the upcoming "World Cup", China Mobile launched a series of international roaming promotions. The new tariff combination of high-quality GSM network went to Germany to travel for the upcoming GSM users of China Mobile to bring more convenience and benefits, show a wonderful trip wireless shade.

In order for GSM users can also phone when traveling overseas, smooth, China Mobile roaming coverage, new businesses opening in areas such as tariff concessions to achieve a truly global communication. When users set foot on foreign land GSM, mobile phones received the first message is the greeting message from China Mobile, which makes people far away in a foreign country far away forget the trip, feel China Mobile is on their side; International The introduction of MMS, so that users can be the first time and distant relatives to share the land and its people abroad; GPRS international roaming opened for business travelers to more easily visit the Internet, all information under control. In particular, the recent opening of the ** 139 operations, the value of the discount rates can be even more cheerfully and homesick sons of mood. At this point, all the support and efforts of the global communications into words, "I can!"

In at 0:00 on the on June 9 to the period at 0:00 on the on July 25, China Mobile launched a customer feedback GSM roaming promotions, significantly reduced the roaming charges in Germany, the average discount rate of 70%. In Germany the use of roaming ** 139 operations to China, only 3.99 yuan per minute, send text messages to mobile users 0.99 yuan domestic / article, GPRS international roaming 0.03 yuan / kb, China Mobile, China Mobile users can visit Web site (www. chinamobile.com) query.

China Mobile's international roaming network development, and always accompanied by the expansion of advanced technology. In order to better support the World Cup for more than 20 reported media, China Mobile launched the 2006 World Cup in particular international roaming experience trip activities, media users with a higher access speed wireless LAN roaming trial service. Reporters use wireless Internet access account, landing in Germany, more than 6,000 public wireless hotspots, high-speed Internet access, and in a short time back in time to the domestic large volumes of interview information for overseas journalists reported the use of a whole new feel and easy online form.

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